Shadoks Music is a label based in Germany specialising in reissues on LP and CD.
Since 1989 for the QDK-MEDIA label and since 1997 for Little Indians and Shadoks Music, we have been successfully remastering vintage music from often very poor sources such as old vinyl, acetates, reel tapes, and badly transferred digital masters. Over the years we have built up our own studio which focuses on transfers from analog to digital in the best possible way, as well as audio restoration.
The only missing link for a fully state-of-the-art restoration was the CEDAR hardware system and Sonic Solution manual De-Click which we now have in our studio!
Here is what we use to make the music sound better, often better than the original LP or tape:

Air Tight Disc Flatter
will flatten warped discs

+++++++++record cleaning with VPI HW-27 Typhoon machine
+++++++++record flatter with AIR TIGHT disc flatter
analog signal to digital transfer
+++++++++turntable: VPI HRX with KOETSU Urushi Gold or MIYABI standard
+++++++++phono pre-amp: MANYLEY Steelhead 2
+++++++++reel-to-reel: TANDBERG TD 20A 2-track or 4-track
+++++++++DCS 905 a/d converter
digital signal to digital restoration and remastering
+++++++++CEDAR audio restoration (declicker / decrackler / dehisser)
+++++++++MOTU 828 firewire card
+++++++++Mac G5 / Spark XL / Sonic Studio DDP / Audio Desc /
+++++++++Sonic Solution manual De-Click / WAVES master plug-ins
+++++++++CD master or DAT master